I am a wife, a high school teacher, a mum of two and occasionally I dabble in the fine art of cake baking and decorating. I am bumbling my way into the blogging world upon the request of some fellow mum chums so here goes.

Having had two beautiful boys in two years there have been many adventures along the way, there’s been lots of laughter, definitely lots of tears and many moments where I have wondered “What the hell am I doing?” Or thought “How am I going to make it through to the end of the day?”.

My journey into motherhood certainly wasn’t a textbook one as I plummeted into the world of yummy mummy’s with a premature baby born at 29 weeks. Nothing had prepared me for the many challanges that I would need to overcome. But I did overcome them….so much so that after surviving the first year on very little sleep, trying to make sense of developmental milestones with a prem baby and finally coming to end of a very long and dark tunnel of life being ruled by a breast pump, I had the crazy idea that having a second wouldn’t be a bad idea – yep babies mess with your brain!

So here I am with two boys under my belt (well more like a marsupial pouch from where a relatively flat-ish stomach used to be) and I thought I would share some of the trials and tribulations of what I have experienced these past two years.

Please be under no illusion that I am some literary genius, in fact I am far from it. I apologise now for bad punctuation and grammar and incorrect structuring, I shall not claim to be any good at this.  What I write is literally the words that tumble round in my poor excuse of a brain.

My aim is share my stories and highlight the not so glamorous world of mummydom  which may or may not resonate with many of you out there. Enjoy and may it bring laughter when things are tough or just bring some comfort knowing you are not alone….let’s do this!

 Mums In The Know Super Blogger


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